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Competition: Serie A

  • Date: 07.01.2023.

  • Kickoff: 17:00 UTC/18:00 CET

  • Venue: Allianz Stadium (Turin)

Juventus has been playing revived in the last couple of months and now holds a high 3rd position. Even the Champions League seemed far away some time ago, but after 7 consecutive victories, it is much easier to breathe in Turin. It is interesting that Juventus started with a better performance even despite the injuries of some very important players. The victory with a goal by Milik in the 90+ minute against Cremonese will certainly give you even more confidence.

Udinese was a hit at the beginning of the season, but what many expected happened... A big drop in form, and Udinese is now in a series of 8 matches without a win in Serie A. In this stadium, tradition is certainly not in their favor because have lost 9 of the last 10 matches at this stadium against Juventus

Juventus vs Udinese pick: JUVENTUS TO WIN

Will Juventus continue their breakthrough to the top, especially now that Napoli has finally lost? Or maybe Udinese will continue this long series of matches without a win? What unites these two teams are the black and white jerseys, but the quality is on Juventus' side. They have an excellent tradition against Udinese, they play very safely this season on their home ground and the defense, which has conceded only 7 goals in all soccer tips tomorrow matches so far, inspires awe. The odds are really good on "Old Lady" and we bet that the home team will win.

Juventus vs Udinese Head to Head (H2H) stats

Juventus Team News

As already said, Juventus has huge problems with injuries, Bonucci injured his groin, Ecuadorian Cuadrado and Brazilian Kaio Gorge are also out of the protocol, Peeters has a muscle injury, Pogba is out for a long time due to a knee injury, while Serbian striker Vlahovic is also injured. . Ake, Di Maria and De Sciglio are uncertain for this soccer tipster match.

Last matches of Juventus

Juventus lineup

Udinese Team News

At Udinese, there are not too many problems with creating the best 11. At the moment, everyone is more or less ready, and only the Moroccan Adam Masina is uncertain for the match against Juventus due to injury.

Last matches of Udinese

Udinese lineup

Juventus vs Udinese key betting facts

  1. Juventus won 6 of the previous 7 matches

  2. The club from Turin has won 9 times against Udinese in the last 10 matches at this stadium

  3. Udinese is without a win in the Series Soccer Tips previous 8 matches in Serie A

Main prediction Juventus - Udinese

Juventus to win

Thanh Thanh

Thanh Thanh


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